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Inner class were added in Java 1.1, while Lambda availability came only in version 1.8 together with many cool features.
The following article will discuss the differences between those features.

A “deep diver” Java developer may wonder about the most simple question when observing the following line of code:

Runnable r = () -> System.out.println(“I ran”)

Is the Labmda above an anonymous class ?
As many of you may know, Runnable is a functional interface and ‘()->XYZ’ is the lambda function.

The article assume you are familiar with Lambda function and anonymous classes

Most of you probably assume the code is equal to one of the following:

Runnable r = new Runnable() {
public void run() {
System.out.print(“I ran”);


class RunnableImpl implements Runnable {
public void…

The best way to make your browser or website to run a local application!

The following article explains how to handle custom protocol in different operation systems and launching applications using custom browser protocols.


As most of you already know, most of the operation systems today knows how to handle a call to a very specific list of protocols.


  • All operation system will automatically suggest your default browser for http or https protocols. there for, running https://<website-url> from your command prompt can even open your browser.
  • Providing mailto://<some-address> URL will automatically opened you mail application.
  • Providing callto://<phone-number> URL may open you caller application if you have one
  • More pre-defined protocols can be found…

Tal Martsiano

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